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Blockchain Intelligence Group - Manage Risk & Investigate Crypto

Blockchain Intelligence Group is a technology company that builds solutions to power compliance and intelligence for the blockchain-centric future. They help us transact cryptocurrency and power complex investigations into criminal activity using digital currencies.

Crystal Blockchain - Building a Better & Safer Blockchain Future

Crystal powers cryptocurrency transaction analysis and monitoring on the blockchain, bringing best-in-class AML compliance and risk management solutions to exchanges, banks, and FIs. Crystal analyzes and monitors 100% of blockchain transactions up to 100,000 hops.

They equip us with the tools we need to conduct a thorough and compliant investigation.


Tradesurety is a platform, which brings the best forex education and stategies together. One place where you can grab knowledge on trading, investing and learning the right forex trading strategies and techniques. Our signals based on more than 300 billion lines of data, each signal is generated with a strong track record. Whether you are a newbie trader or professional trader, Tradesurety is your ultimate guide to the fast-growing Forex market.

Tradesurety is an elite, world-class service oriented company

Investing in Forex without understanding the fundamentals is like building a house on sand. At Tradesurety, we have been placed at the heart of the global financial market to help you build a strong and prosperous portfolio. We offer guidance on good practices and trading strategies. We don’t take advantage of any financial information; we combine all that knowledge with our experience, so you can take your next investment decisions as easy as possible! This Is Where You Need To Be For Your Next Investment!

Learnvent - Learn. Grow. Explore. Online Webinars and Trainings for your business

One of our esteemed partners is Learnvent. As a trailblazing conference organizing company, Learnvent is redefining the realm of business events. Even though they are relatively new to the scene, their knack for spotting and collaborating with top-tier talents is unparalleled. Their curated events feature industry-leading speakers, ensuring participants not only gain knowledge but also actionable skills to propel their careers forward.

In today’s fast-paced world, carving out time for self-improvement can be a challenge. Recognizing this, Learnvent is committed to making personal and professional development more accessible and impactful. By offering a diverse range of masterclasses and conferences, they ensure that learning opportunities are not just beneficial but also convenient. Their vision? To put individuals back in control, rejuvenating their drive, passion, and professional journey.

Together, T&H Consulting and Learnvent are pushing boundaries and creating enriching experiences for all our clients.

AdnSol - Empowering Your Business Growth

AdnSol specializes in guiding businesses, especially small to medium enterprises, through the multifaceted journey of entrepreneurship. They offer comprehensive services from business analysis to execution, ensuring every challenge is met with expertise. Born from a desire to revamp the traditional consulting approach, AdnSol provides an all-in-one solution for businesses to seamlessly transition from startups to scale-ups. With a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit, AdnSol is dedicated to equipping businesses with the tools they need to thrive and make a positive impact. Together, T&H and AdnSol are championing transformative business solutions.

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