Cryptocurrency investigations FAQ

Welcome to T&H Consulting’s cryptocurrency investigations FAQ page. Here, we provide answers to common questions related to the in-depth analysis of digital assets like blockchains and smart contracts. Discover the process, significance, and specialized approach of our investigations, and gain insights into navigating the world of cryptocurrencies.

What Do Cryptocurrency Investigations Involve?

Cryptocurrency investigations revolve around in-depth analysis of digital assets like blockchains and smart contracts to facilitate dispute resolution, litigation, or prosecution. These investigations encompass diverse areas, such as cybercrime, NFT marketplace issues, and investment due diligence.

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Subject to Investigation?

Our investigations cover all assets transacted via blockchains or smart contracts. This includes major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as USD Coin, USD Tether, Binance Coin, DeFi protocol-staking tokens, NFTs, and tokens linked to real-world assets.

What Is the Process of a Cryptocurrency Investigation?

Our comprehensive cryptocurrency investigation commences with a thorough debrief on the events leading to the investigation. We then delve into blockchain and smart contract data, further broadening our analysis to incorporate various data sources. We utilize both on-chain and off-chain clues to resolve our client’s issues effectively.

Why Should I Hire a Specialized Provider for Cryptocurrency Investigations?

Investigations involving digital assets are intricate and necessitate a wide range of expertise. At T&H Consulting, our team comprises crypto practitioners, valuation experts, open-source investigators, legal specialists, intelligence analysts, and accountants. We utilize this collective knowledge and various data sources to conduct thorough investigations.

Are a Cryptocurrency Investigations Worth It?

When it comes to lost or stolen digital assets, a cryptocurrency investigation can often be a crucial step. The decision to proceed hinges on balancing the investigation’s effort, cost, and timeline against the asset’s value. We at T&H Consulting assist clients in this decision-making process.

Is It Possible to Trace and Recover Lost Cryptocurrency Assets? How Can T&H Consulting Assist, and What Are the Odds of Successful Recovery?

Yes, it is indeed possible to trace and recover lost cryptocurrency assets, in a manner akin to other stolen currencies, goods, or assets—usually via agreement, law enforcement intervention, or civil litigation. It’s important to note, however, that T&H Consulting is not a recovery agency. Instead, we specialize in conducting thorough investigations and providing expert consultation services. Our comprehensive approach, which leverages data from various sources, aims to aid the recovery process led by the appropriate authorities or legal entities. While we can’t guarantee recovery, our mission is to significantly enhance the likelihood of successfully reclaiming lost assets.

Is It Obligatory to Go to the Law Enforcement If I Lost Crypto?

We highly recommend you to report the loss to law enforcement in your jurisdiction and file a report, which will include the documentation we have prepared for you. This is an essential step in the recovery process and in seeking justice for yourself and other victims.

Why Do I Need a Cryptocurrency Report?

A Cryptocurrency report contains detailed information about the movement of your lost or stolen cryptocurrency. This information is vital for law enforcement agents in their investigation and can help establish responsibility for the crime and aid in the recovery of your funds.

How Does T&H Consulting Handle Crypto Cases?

For an in-depth understanding of our crypto case handling process, please refer to our informative YouTube video.

Why No Free Plan?

“Free” services nearly always come with a hidden cost, such as the diversion of resources or the impact on the quality of service for paid clients. At T&H Consulting, we value transparency and do not operate in this manner.

Why Don’t You Bill Me at the End of the Process?

At T&H Consulting, we believe in being upfront with our pricing, which is determined by the complexity of your case. By charging upfront, we can ensure that you receive the best possible service and that there are no unexpected costs. This approach helps maintain clear expectations for both parties throughout the process.

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