How to stay safe online?

Each year, millions of individuals fall victim to cyber crime due to their data being leaked online. Individuals are more susceptible to being scammed than ever before.

It is therefore advisable to take these measures to guide you into protecting your privacy online.


  • You must always set a complex password:

By creating a complicated password that isnt easily guessed, you are making it more difficult for the hackers or scammers to steal your personal data or financial records. You should always make sure to change your password every few months in order to keep yourself safe from any cyber attacks.


  • Use a Network Security device:

Using a network security device such as a firewall helps control the incoming and outgoing network traffic and also determines whether to allow or block certain networks based on their potential security violations.

  • Always read the website’s Privacy Policy:

Even though going through a website’s privacy policy section could be boring and time consuming, it is always better being safe than sorry. If in any case you come across information that the website is using your personal data for other purposes and the website might look suspicious, it is better to consider using another website.

  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN):

If you might be using the neighbors internet or hanging out in a coffee shop and using their wifi, it is safer to use a VPN service in order to keep yourself safe from the owner trying to steal your information without you even knowing it. VPN services do not allow other individuals from stealing your personal data, even while surfing the internet when using a wifi network which does not belong to you.

  • Install an Antivirus software on your device:

You must always update the software you use to ensure that you are safe from any online threats. These antivirus softwares prohibit hackers from taking over your computer and stealing your personal data. With every device you purchase or have, always make sure to first install an anti virus software before using.

  • Always be aware of who youre talking to:

Nowadays scammers can easily deceive individuals online or over the phone. You must always be very careful about giving out your financial details or personal details to people. Scammers can effortlessly get the information they need from you by posing as a bank agent or a government representative. Identity theft has become so common that law enforcement agencies are always warning individuals about the risk inherent in the leakage of private information online or on the phone. 

  • Only use websites that start with HTTPS://

The safest way to know if a website is secure is by checking if it starts with https:// rather than http://. The ’S’ at the end is what determines youre surfing the internet on a protected website. This protects your information from getting leaked or being acessible by cyber criminals.  

  • Always delete your search history:

Your search history could give others a gateway into the websites where you could be storing sensitive information. A browser’s search history is easily accessed and is therefore always a data leak hazard. It is recommended to use a private search that does not keep your browsing and search history, or to regularly clear it every once in a while.

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