Due Diligence When Buying a Small Business


Acquiring a small business can be a rewarding but challenging process. As with any significant financial decision, due diligence is the key to ensuring your investment is sound. This in-depth guide from T&H Consult will walk you through the essentials of conducting due diligence when buying a small business.

What is Due Diligence?

Due diligence is a thorough investigation into a business’s operations, financials, legal standing, and more, before finalizing a purchase. It’s your opportunity to validate the seller’s claims and uncover any potential risks.

The Importance of Due Diligence in Small Business Acquisitions

Whether it’s a large corporation or a small local store, the importance of due diligence cannot be understated. For small businesses, in particular, due diligence can help you identify hidden liabilities, evaluate future profitability, and make a confident, informed purchase decision.

Due Diligence Checklist for Small Businesses

A. Organizational and Financial Overview

Start with an organizational review, examining the company’s legal structure, ownership details, and financial statements. This will give you a clear view of the company’s standing and health.

B. Asset Evaluation

Take a closer look at the company’s assets. This includes physical assets like equipment and real estate, and intangible assets such as intellectual property. Understanding the value of these assets is crucial in determining the worth of the business.

C. Employee Review

Consider the company’s human resources. Examine employment contracts, benefits, and employee qualifications. Key employees can greatly influence a small business’s success.

D. Digital Assets

In today’s digital age, it’s essential to assess the company’s digital assets, including the website, email accounts, social media profiles, and local search listings. Ensure a smooth transition by:

  • Website: Obtain webmaster contact information, web hosting credentials, and domain control panel access. Update contact and billing information, maintain domain registrations, and redirect website payments to your account. Transfer ownership of Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Email: Secure email control panel access and maintain ownership of domain-associated email addresses. Avoid security risks and maintain customer trust.
  • Social Media: Gain control of social media accounts, transfer ownership, update contact information, and strengthen security measures. Don’t overlook industry-specific directories.
  • Local Search Listings: Ensure consistency and high rankings in search engines by taking control of Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places, Apple Maps Connect, and other local listings.
  • Customer Information Privacy: Address customer data handling and privacy concerns with the help of legal professionals.

More Areas to Explore

Depending on the business’s industry and specifics, you might need to delve into additional areas. These may include licenses and permits, environmental considerations, tax records, existing contracts, product or service lines, customer information, litigation history, insurance coverage, professional relationships, and more.


Performing due diligence when buying a small business is a significant undertaking, but a necessary one to safeguard your investment. With the right guidance, you can navigate this process successfully and confidently.

At T&H Consult, we provide comprehensive Case Assessment services to help prospective buyers in their due diligence journey. Our team of specialists is ready to assist you in conducting a detailed evaluation of your potential business acquisition.

Additionally, we offer specialized Due Diligence Services tailored to small business purchases. We’re here to help you make the most informed decision possible.

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