4 steps can protect you from being scammed

There are millions of people who get targeted by scammers every day. No matter how smart you are there is still a chance you might fall for a scam. However, if you know how to guard yourself, you are less likely to suffer a loss. If you have been scammed you need to act, do not stay quiet. In this article, you will learn four useful steps that can save you from being exposed to a scam.

Before we discuss which steps to take, let’s first discuss the various types of scams you need to be aware of. Any dishonest way of deceiving people to make money can be referred to as a scam. There are different ways a scammer can approach you to steal your money without your knowledge, for instance:

  • Personal interaction
  • Emails, messages on social media
  • Post mails
  • Phone calls or text messages

Scammers do their research and look for your information before contacting you. There are different techniques they use to flatter and manipulate you to draw attention. Old people are more vulnerable because scammers target those who live alone and have money or other valuables. Therefore, you need to keep your personal information to yourself and be vigilant enough to spot the scammers.

Step 1: Protection of personal information

If a person comes to you claiming to be an agent of a legal or financial organization, do not let anyone inside your house without checking their ID card, and if you are not sure about the authority then do not let anyone in. In many cases, people get scammed under their own roof just because they allowed an imposter inside their house.

Most commonly, scammers approach people by phone, and if they do, check the company’s website they are claiming to represent. Check the caller’s information before providing your own personal details. Similarly, if you receive emails from unknown organizations, do not respond to them without checking the sender’s information. Also, shred all receipts or letters with your credit card or personal details before throwing them away.

Step 2: Look for authorized websites

There is a huge number of websites that are created resembling an original company website. Especially, in the case of cryptocurrency, many fake sites are created for authentic start-up companies. In this case, always check for the lock icon in the URL bar and do not visit websites without ‘’HTTPS’’.

For payments, most of the time you are directed to a different webpage which may look legitimate, but scammers sometimes create a URL using a ‘’zero’’ instead of the letter ‘’o’’. To avoid getting scammed by these fraudulent websites, type the URL by yourself in the browser, and do not forget to double-check it.

Step 3: Beware of fake applications 

You may be an expert with technology, but you might become a victim of fake applications. Scammers trick people with fake applications on the App Store and Google Play, so check the spellings and branding for authentic apps before registering.

Step 4: Watch out for misleading social media content

If you receive offers about credit cards, cryptocurrencies, or people asking for money through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, do not respond because it may result in you losing the money to a scam. Also, do not comment on misleading posts, or reply to impersonating bots because they cannot be trusted.


Unfortunately, there are numerous ways people can scam you, personally or over the internet, but being aware of the scams can help you not to lose your hard-earned money. If you are being scammed, then please contact us on our website.


T&H consulting uses highly advanced software for investigating cryptocurrency transactions, and the movement of cryptos that connects various wallet addresses to real-world entities and organizations. We take pride in assisting our clients using top of the range techniques used by law enforcement, financial institutions, and governments globally for criminal investigations. Our crypto investigation includes the following key features:

  • Powerful visual presentation of cryptocurrency flows.
  • Tracing monetary streams on multiple blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple.
  • Identification of organizations and services used for cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Performs afoot surveillance on specific groups of addresses.
  • Support findings from dark web sites with the help of open-source intelligence.
  • Tracking multiple addresses for incoming and outgoing funds

T&H Consulting uses powerful algorithms to sort, group, and, where possible, identify addresses. We provide information on cryptocurrency transaction flows after a thorough investigation. The information is obtained from multiple legal entities including cryptocurrency exchanges, or felonious platforms like the darknet market. We collect all the necessary evidence to make sure that law enforcement will have the most detailed and accurate evidence in their hands to bring cybercriminals to justice.

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